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Announcing our new look!

Big news! Today, after serving the Tallahassee area for 4 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity! We have a new logo, colors, and font. Yay! We are super excited for this new brand and believe this new look better matches our growth and our company mission: a veteran-owned and operated local company that provides extraordinary, professional and reliable commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

Furthermore, our new brand reflects our expanded areas of service, our customer values, why we exist and where we are headed. To be honest, this new brand couldn’t have come at a better time because as we continue to grow our Quick & Clean family, we are also moving forward with a brand-new service that will be launching in the next couple of weeks (stay tuned for more information coming soon!).

We were able to work with a local advertising agency to create a brand that appears sharp, approachable, modern, local, and verbalizes clean. We strongly wanted our customers and potential customers to “sense the clean” as soon as they see our brand. Compared to our previous brand color, black, we wanted to provide colors that emulated clean, trust, and strength. We strongly feel our new colors do just that.

The image of Tallahassee’s Capitol building means a great deal to us. It not only symbolizes local, but it represents service, honor and integrity; and as a military family we happily bring these values into our place of business.

Our new Quick & Clean look marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to provide the best cleaning solutions and customer service to every client. Thank you to all of our customers for inspiring this important change. Without you this would have not been possible.


Kristi and Walt Kreitlow

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