Scary Stats about Hygiene in an Office Environment

Scary Stats About Hygiene in Office Environment: Tallahassee, FL

Heavy research surrounding germs and bacteria throughout this past year demonstrated to experts that offices cultivate a frightening quantity and conglomeration of germs and bacteria. Of course, this raised concern once businesses began sending their employees back into the office to work amongst each other. While many offices have been resuming as normal with all…

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how to adjust your cleaning habits for the winter months

How to Adjust Your Cleaning Habits for the Winter Months to Avoid Cold & Flu germs

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but the importance of cleaning is not tied down to that season. The winter season brings about environmental changes, such as drops in temperature, raises in barometric pressure, and more—and we should plan our cleaning routines accordingly. But above all, winter prompts cold and flu season. Adjust your cleaning…

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