janitorial services and day porter services

Janitorial Services Versus Day Porter Services | Tallahassee, Florida

Here at Quick & Clean in Tallahassee, Florida, our team does it all! When it comes to commercial cleaning, we offer the following services: office cleaning, floor cleaning, janitorial services, and day porter services. Many people believe janitorial and day porter services are all the same, right? Contrary to what you might think, there are…

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Scary Stats about Hygiene in an Office Environment

Scary Stats About Hygiene in Office Environment: Tallahassee, FL

Heavy research surrounding germs and bacteria throughout this past year demonstrated to experts that offices cultivate a frightening quantity and conglomeration of germs and bacteria. Of course, this raised concern once businesses began sending their employees back into the office to work amongst each other. While many offices have been resuming as normal with all…

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