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The following likely goes without saying, but it cannot be truer or more relevant: where you live should be clean! Chances are that you live in two different places—your home, and your place of work, which is why both residential AND commercial cleaning services exist. They also exist as two separate entities due to their drastically different characteristics and requirements. While our team at Quick & Clean serves to make your business shine in Tallahassee and surrounding areas, we thought we’d break down some differences that distinguish residential cleaning from commercial cleaning. That way you will know what each is about in case you are considering help for both.

For one thing, the most obvious difference between the two is that residential cleaning refers to the sanitation of a home, while commercial cleaning refers to the sanitation of a business such as an office building, school, facility, restaurant, or store. In marketing terms, residential cleaning is business-to-consumer, while commercial cleaning is business-to-business.

With that being said, a home most likely faces a lot less exposure than a business dwelling when it comes to concentration of people, and therefore a concentration of dirt and germs. In other words, a home to a family of five will not accumulate as much dirt and grime as an office of 30+ staff members, in addition to its daily influx of visitors and clients. This is why homes are usually cleaned once a week. In contrast, a business is cleaned daily, with more robust cleaning materials and equipment to ensure the staff and customers’ utmost safety and sanitation. This provides all the more reason to hire a well-equipped, experienced, professional cleaning service (like us) to deep clean your commercial space.

Residential cleaning services are often conducted during the day while commercial cleaning services are usually conducted in the evening. Commercial cleaners employ highly-trained specialists that focus most on hygiene, which is aided by specialized technology such as electrostatic spray disinfection, a tool that can apply sanitizers to 3-dimensional surfaces with a 360-degree surrounding clean. The top motive of commercial cleaning services like ourselves is to provide an environment that is as healthy and safe as possible for its inhabitants.

Depending on who you hire for residential cleaning, these cleaners are often not as insured or bonded as commercial cleaners, so you may not have as much protection when it comes to instances such as property damage on the job. Insurance is not required for a residential cleaning organization, since homes and dwellings are privately owned by the owner. Residential cleaners likely do not emphasize a value on green alternatives to cleaning practices. They can sometimes result in a lower quality of cleaning. Compared to commercial cleaning, residential cleaning works mostly to provide a foundational level of tidiness and sanitation for the home, not placing too much priority on rigorous cleaning in preparation for interactions and engagements involving several individuals and events throughout the day. In commercial spaces, cleaners must work around expensive and essential equipment, potentially dangerous equipment, and other structures sacred to the work environment.

Commercial cleaning harnesses many more complexities and obstacles than residential cleaning. Still, we could not be more confident in our training and expertise to be your go-to cleaning partners for your business. Call us for a free quote today!

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