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If you’re on the hunt for ways to make a difference and play a role in protecting the environment, your cleaning choices are a great place to start. The process of using environmentally-friendly cleaning products and methods has been fittingly dubbed “green cleaning” and while it may seem like a lot to take on, doing your part with green cleaning might just be easier than you think. Check out these 5 benefits of green cleaning and see if making the eco-friendly cleaning switch could be right for you:

Saving the Environment

The most obvious advantage of green cleaning is the environmental benefits that it brings to the table. Green cleaning products are usually naturally derived from renewable, biodegradable resources and their use doesn’t hurt the planet’s ecosystem as much as traditional non-green cleaning products do. Plus, as another eco-friendly added bonus, green cleaning methods and best practices also include the use of reusable materials and recycled paper products. 

Helping Your Health

Something that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be pushed to the side when it comes to our everyday cleaning routines is the role that it can play in our health and wellbeing. Implementing a green cleaning program is not just great for the planet, it’s also great for people. Green cleaning can cut out exposure to toxic chemicals and allergens that can have adverse long-term effects on our bodies and frustrating short-term effects like headaches from chemical cleaner smells. Opt into a green cleaning routine for an opportunity to make your space not only cleaner but also healthier. 

Improving Efficiency

When you’re making the choice to switch over your cleaning routine to something safer and eco-friendlier, picking a team that is trained in green cleaning methods can improve efficiency. Green cleaning methods and best practices can reduce the amount of waste and unnecessary products that are used every time your space needs a clean. With a focus on utilizing reusable cleaning tools and cutting back on the amount of cleaning waste, hiring a trained green cleaning team and implementing green cleaning practices can make a huge difference in the efficiency and environmental impact of your cleaning routine. 

Keeping Safety First

Safety should always come first when it comes to cleaning, and a lot of traditional cleaning products and cleaning methods include hazardous toxins. Green cleaning offers alternative products that eliminate the risk of getting chemical burns or inhaling harmful toxins. For the safety of everyone from children or four-legged friends to employees or visitors, green cleaning products are a much safer choice for anyone enjoying your space. 

Getting a Lasting Clean

How can you tell when you’re getting a real clean? If you’re looking for a long-lasting deep and thorough clean, green cleaning is the way to go. Some traditional cleaning methods and products are filled with chemicals and solutions that only mimic a true clean with heavy smells and shine. With green cleaning, products and methods are used to ensure that you’re getting a space that not just looks and smells clean, but really is clean every time. 

Want to lessen your environmental impact and reap all the benefits of green cleaning but worried about sacrificing the quality of your clean? Leave it to the pros. Green cleaning can be complicated, but it can be just as effective as traditional cleaning methods when it’s performed correctly. Quick & Clean is the go-to commercial cleaning service provider serving the Tallahassee area that really knows what it means to clean green. There’s no need to stress over the ingredients and effectiveness of cleaning products, we’ve got the expertise and knowledge of green cleaning methods to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call at (850) 443-4848 and let’s get started creating the green cleaning plan that’s right for you! 

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