5 Tips For Keeping Your House Clean With Dogs

January 24, 2023
Quick Tips • Residential Cleaning

Dogs can bring so much joy to your life and always give you something to smile about! The only downside to having dogs in your house is how quickly they can overtake your once-clean home with fur, dirt, and other debris. If you’ve got a dog and find it difficult to keep your home tidy, try integrating one or more of our tips for keeping your house clean with dogs (listed below) into your life!  

1. Bathe & Brush Regularly

Although this may seem obvious, you should bathe your dog at least once a month depending on its coat—sometimes even once a week for breeds with extra oily coats. Be sure to wipe your dog’s paws thoroughly after each trip outside. It’s also imperative to have your dog(s) on a good grooming schedule. Brushing regularly will result in less shedding and remove dirt and dander. Daily brushing is ideal for breeds with longer coats, but weekly brushing should suffice in most situations.  

2. Maintain Clean Bowls, Beds, and Toys

Your dog’s belongings and accessories become dirty quickly, so it’s essential to clean them from time to time. Things like food & water bowls, leashes & collars, toys, and pet beds are easy to overlook when cleaning. These items can actually make you or your dog sick because of the bacteria that accumulates over time. Wash these items by hand or throw them into the washing machine (if machine-washable)!

3. Switch to Washable Household Items

Making the switch to washable household items like carpets, rugs, throw blankets, and pillows will make your life much easier. Many dog owners also swear by using indoor-outdoor rugs inside for effortless cleaning. Why waste time and energy scrubbing rugs on your hands & knees when you could just throw them in the washer?  

4. Invest in an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Tons of dog owners recommend investing in an automatic vacuum cleaner, especially if your dog is prone to shedding. For dogs that shed a lot, you should vacuum daily or weekly, at the very least. Investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner, robotic or not, makes this chore less time consuming.    

5. Clean Up Accidents ASAP

The only thing worse than stumbling upon your pet’s accident is smelling it after you’ve already attempted to clean it. To avoid lingering odors, clean up accidents as soon as they happen. It’s also crucial to use an enzyme-based cleaner to eliminate smells completely–other cleaners will only mask the smell. Any cleaners used for this must be safe for pets!    Owning a dog is great but can be stressful if their hygiene isn’t kept up. Try out our tips for keeping your house clean with dogs so you can focus on enjoying all the best parts about being a dog owner. Businesses with a lot of pet traffic should invest in a commercial cleaning company to fight unavoidable bad odors. Give us a call to inquire about hiring Quick & Clean for commercial cleaning services!

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