8 College Cleaning Hacks

August 10, 2022
Quick Tips • Residential Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t the first thing college students typically think about when they think about attending college. However, not keeping things clean can negatively affect students’ college experience and can distract them from their responsibilities. Here are eight college cleaning hacks to keep in mind this school year or to pass along to your college student(s)!

1. Keep your bed clean.

For many people, especially college students, your bed is your happy place, but it can easily become a stressful place. Your bedsheets in college will probably get dirty much quicker than what you’re used to. Change your bedsheets weekly (at least) or as soon as they’re grimy.

2. Don’t ignore your laundry.

Doing your laundry in college is time-consuming, inconvenient, and annoying to deal with, but it’s essential to keep up with it. Use a hamper to hold your dirty clothes–some hampers have wheels, making toting your laundry around as easy as pie. Whatever you do, be sure to dry your wet clothes immediately, and monitor your laundry in shared spaces when possible!

3. Stay organized.

This may seem like common sense, but it’s very easy to let yourself get unorganized in college. You most likely have limited space, so make the most of your space by using smart storage options. You can organize things in storage caddies & containers, under-the-bed storage, multifunctional furniture, over-the-door storage, and so much more.

4. Maintain a clean study space.

Having a tidy study space is essential in college because you’ll be spending plenty of time doing homework. Cluttered desks and study spaces can cause distractions, increase stress, and negatively affect your studying. At the end of every day, put everything in your study space back where it belongs.

5. Take care of dirty dishes immediately.

If you live in a dorm, your dorm kitchen may be inconveniently located. Either way, you should clean your dirty dishes immediately and never leave food sitting out. Bugs and other unwanted visitors won’t hesitate to move in with you if they smell your old food!

6. Prioritize having a clean bathroom.

In college, you either like your bathroom situation or hate it. If you’ve got your own bathroom, keep it clean and organized like you would at home. If you’re sharing a bathroom with other people, it’s necessary to keep it clean. Deep clean shared bathrooms as often as humanly possible–they get very nasty, very quickly!

7. Take out the trash. Just do it!

Taking out the trash, like dealing with laundry, is not a fun task for college students. You’ll probably have to lug your trash to a nearby trash chute, but you need to keep up with it. If you’re sharing a trash can with roommates, it will fill up and get disgusting especially quickly. Don’t let your trash overflow, and take it out as soon as it’s full.

8. Extra pro tips!

Life as a college student can get crazy, but it’s important to keep things clean. If you live in a shared space, use disinfecting wipes frequently to avoid catching and spreading illnesses. Keep air fresheners on hand, especially if you share a bathroom with roommates. Dust, vacuum, and sweep often to avoid allergies acting up. Finally, when you clean, start with the messiest areas first to get them out of the way. Maintaining a clean living space is essential in any stage of life, but especially throughout college. There are so many easy cleaning hacks to integrate in your routine that will make college life much easier, more organized, and less stressful. For additional tips and tricks for keeping clean in college, contact us today!

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