8 Essential Cleaning Products To Have Around The Office

May 6, 2021
Office Cleaning

It's easy for office spaces to get out of hand when not cleaned routinely. Not only can a dirty office space cause viruses to spread amongst your employees, but it also decreases their mood and productivity in the workplace. Don't let your office become a place you dread because of how dirty it is. Having the following essential cleaning products on hand can help you and your employees keep the office clean:

1. Disinfecting Wipes:

We love a multi-purpose wipe because it can do anything from cleaning up a spill to removing invisible germs. We suggest using disinfectant wipes daily to clean keyboards, phone screens, mouses, faucet handles, door handles, and other spots that your employees touch regularly. Doing so will keep your employees healthy and reduce sick days.

2. Spot Remover:

A coffee, ketchup, or soy sauce spill is bound to happen at some point around the office. Stay ahead of these unexpected spills and have a spot remover on hand to save your office furniture, carpet, or professional clothes from a permanent stain.

3. Glass Cleaner:

We can't stress this enough: you should be able to see out of your office window! To prevent the window smudges from getting out of hand, we suggest cleaning your windows every few weeks so you can enjoy the Tallahassee view!

4. Air freshener:

Nothing screams clean more than a fresh scent. Enjoy your office even more by bringing in your favorite scent of air freshener to keep you going during your busy workday.

5. White Vinegar:

Looking for a cost-effective disinfectant and multi-purpose cleaning solution? Look no further than white vinegar! White vinegar can be used to clean anything from windows to countertops. Just make sure not to use too much. No one enjoys the overpowering scent of acidic vinegar while working.

6. Garbage Cans:

Does clutter collect easily around your office? Chances are that you don't have enough garbage cans. Having a garbage can in every room of your office will prevent your employees from leaving their crumpled papers, staples, paper clips, and other trash around their desks.

7. Duster/Microfiber cloths:

Breathing in the dust isn't healthy for anyone, especially those who suffer from allergies. Save your employees from constant sneezing and watery eyes by dusting your office space every few days out of the week with a duster or damp microfiber cloth.

8. Vacuum Cleaner:

Dusting is no good without a thorough vacuum cleaning afterward. All the dust falls to the ground and can collect onto your carpet or floor. Vacuuming after dusting will get rid of that pesky dust once and for all. We hope these cleaning products motivate you to keep your office space clean and clutter-free. We promise you'll feel a difference in mood and productivity after you've made an effort to keep your office spotless!

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