Day Porter Services: the What & the Why

April 10, 2019
Day Porter Services

A better name for Day Porters would be Day Savers. Picture this: another hectic day in the office with deadlines approaching, back-to-back presentations, and a tall stack of papers on your desk to review. On top of all this, the trash cans are full, the bathroom is out of paper towels, the conference room is a mess, oh, and you have a huge client meeting in fifteen minutes.

This is where Day Porters come in.

What is a Day Porter?

The invisible heroes of your facilities, they are far more than just daytime janitors. While they do clean, they also provide invaluable services to keep employees and customers pleased. Urgent maintenance tasks are quickly marked complete, and your to-do list is instantly shorter. Quick to clean up spills, They are trained in proper protocol to protect your workspace from slips and falls. Additionally, this keeps your other staff from these tasks that can injure them or take away from the value they provide to your company.

They can also assist with customer service. As they know the buildings inside and out, they can give guests directions, and be a welcoming face for customers. They even act as a second-set of eyes for security as they can easily spot people and objects that look suspicious or out of place.

In addition to these tasks, They also…

  • Restock restrooms
  • Clean common areas
  • Perform maintenance
  • Remove trash
  • Eliminate outside debris
  • Maintain outdoor presentation
  • Set up and tear down for meetings
  • Deliver packages throughout the building
  • Whatever else you need!

What are Day Porter Services?

These types of services connect your business with a qualified Day Porter to keep your facility ready for presentation. They match them to your company that is a good fit to your company culture, as they’ll be interacting with staff and guests throughout the day. In addition, these services ensure that there is someone to cover for them in case of illness. After just a day or two without these services, you will certainly notice their absence.



Quick & Clean offers Day Porter services to keep your business place running as smoothly as possible. You get to set the responsibilities and duties you’d like your day porter to have and perform. To set up these services, call (850) 443-4848 or email

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