Does Your Building Need A Commercial Cleaning Service

July 19, 2022
Commercial Cleaning

Does your business have its own building? Do you get a lot of foot traffic coming through that building? Is your building too big for you to consistently clean on your own? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a commercial cleaning service is just what you need. Your building’s cleanliness level can speak volumes to customers and even make or break a potential sale or business deal. Keep reading to learn more about places that need commercial cleaning services to thrive!

Office Buildings and Government Buildings

It might seem obvious that offices and government buildings need commercial cleaning services, but sometimes people can forget. Large office buildings and government buildings are some of the most common clients of commercial cleaners because the spaces are so large and tend to get many visitors. In addition to commercial cleaning services, Quick & Clean also offers specialized office cleaning services. Give us a call today to figure out which plan is right for you and your business!


It’s no secret that kids are messy and sickness often runs rampant throughout each school year. Schools are required to have cleaning services because school is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Commercial cleaning services are absolutely necessary for schools all the way from elementary schools to universities. Keeping kids and teachers healthy should always be a priority!

Hospitals and Medical/Dental Offices

Medical/dental offices are held to the same standards of cleanliness as hospitals, making cleaning services a must. Buildings like this are some of the most vulnerable to germs and bacteria with so many daily visitors who are oftentimes sick when they enter. Having a consistent commercial cleaning service will help protect your building’s residents and visitors from illness.

Fitness Centers

Cleaning services are essential for fitness centers of all kinds. Fitness centers get dirty especially quickly and have lots of visitors consistently all day every day. As a result, gym-goers and employees have a higher risk of getting sick more often than normal. Commercial cleaning services help business owners avoid worrying about the health of their customers and employees. If your business has a physical location and you need help keeping it clean, Quick & Clean can help. We offer attention to detail, solid relationships with our clients, quality work, trained employees and affordable pricing. For more information on our commercial cleaning services, visit our website or contact us!

Quick & Clean is a women-owned and operated commercial cleaning service, proudly serving the Tallahassee, Florida area. Quick & Clean has experience in lobby cleaning, bathroom cleaning, COVID Disinfection, and more. Expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression. Give us a call at (850) 765-0049 to learn more or to schedule your cleaning services today!

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