Grime In The Workplace: The Secret Villain

November 20, 2019
Office Cleaning

It is likely understood across the board that no matter where you are, it is imperative that you keep your space clean to maintain both health and visual standards. This starts in your home and extends to places like your business or workplace. In an environment where there is constant traffic and influx of visitors, meetings, and other activities, an office can accumulate a lot more dirt and bacteria than might meet the eye—one might even equate one to a petri dish—which requires that a clean be administered deeper than the bare-bones routine of dusting, wiping down, and vacuuming. Quick & Clean, Inc is equipped to provide a range of services including janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, and day porter cleaning to ensure that your organization receives the TLC that will keep it in tip-top shape. Keep reading to be informed on why investing in a high-quality sanitation service is so important for you and your community. Here is a list of grime in the workplace that you come across every day:

Equipment in the office is an estimated 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat

You read that right. That fax machine you just tampered with, or that stapler you just used, are both covered in thousands of microbes that will continue to multiply.

Where you eat your food happens to be the most germ-infested spot in the building

The breakroom, in most office buildings, is likely to foster the most germs and bacteria of all other rooms. Nearly every employee has probably used the microwave and refrigerator, none of which you have confirmed had clean hands, to begin with. The interiors of microwaves hold onto food particles from inhabitants of the past, which can harvest bacteria within its warm and moist environment. An approximate 75% of breakroom faucets set a high risk for spreading sickness, and the average refrigerator houses more than 7,800 units of bacteria per square inch.

Cleaning your hands will only reduce exposure by about 10%

About 32% of people admit to not washing their hands after using the restroom, and the typical office dweller will come into contact with 10 million forms of bacteria. Washing your hands will only do so much if the office has not been sanitized properly.

An estimated 3% of office buildings are cleaned thoroughly.

The majority of an 8-hour workday is likely spent at your desk, which can carry up to 10 million germs at any given moment and that's a lot of grime in the workplace. Many eat at their desk while getting work done, which doesn’t sound too appetizing now. Also, keyboards can accumulate nearly 3,300 bacteria per square inch, nearly 66 times more than that of a toilet seat.Within our janitorial services, we disinfect restrooms, empty trash bins, dust, clean the floors, and take care of anything else you might request. For a commercial space, we begin by consulting with you to make sure we meet your individualistic needs for scheduling, pricing, and specific tasks. We do everything from cleaning glass and sanitizing drinking fountains and kitchen appliances, to dusting window sills and baseboards and sweeping and mopping floors. We provide top-notch customer service and routine inspections to ensure that our work is meeting your expectations and providing the safest atmosphere for your work community because we understand the importance of treating these types of environments with the utmost diligence. Your office should be a breeding ground for productivity, not the flu, and with a cleaner office comes healthier, more satisfied employees. Quick & Clean, you don't get disturbed due to the grime in the workplace.Whether you’ve got a small local business, a large corporate office, or you’re looking to clean out your multi-story space for tenants, your space should be hygienic and spotless. If you’re seeking some assistance with achieving picture-perfect cleaning results, consider letting us take over with our professional cleaning services.

Quick & Clean is a veteran-owned and operated commercial cleaning service proudly serving the Tallahassee area with expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression. Give us a call at (850) 443-4848 to learn more or to schedule your cleaning services today!

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