Hand Dryers Versus Paper Towels In Restrooms

October 22, 2020
Commercial Cleaning

Over time, we’ve seen the transition of paper towels to hand dryers in public restrooms as a means to dry your hands after washing them. Hand dryers were a relatively progressive advancement, as they are much more eco friendly and less wasteful of paper products. However, it’s a lot more important to prioritize the most effective solution for eradicating bacteria on the hands rather than saving paper when it comes to hand washing these days. According to Kimberly Clark Professional, drying your hands with a paper towel is a much better sanitation and hygiene method.

While hand dryers are better for the environment, they disperse 1,300 times more germs, can harbor up to 48 times more bacteria on the inner surface than a toilet seat, and can cause droplets potentially containing bacteria and germs to spread throughout the air. On the contrary, paper towels are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as they diminish bacteria count on the hands by up to 77 percent along with moisture. These are disposable will also guarantee that no two individuals will be sharing the same germs and bacteria once it is tossed in the trash.

If you value your health and the health of others, always choose the paper towel option when drying your hands. While the hand dryer is an eco-friendly method, there are countless other ways to practice sustainability without compromising your health and safety.

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