How To Clean A Commercial Restroom

February 11, 2022
Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning a commercial restroom is incomparable to the process of cleaning your bathroom at home. A commercial restroom gets much more use and, therefore, requires extra effort and heavy-duty products. To help you properly clean and disinfect your commercial bathroom, we’ve outlined a cleaning checklist you can use as a guide.

Put up wet floor signs:

Firstly, protect yourself and your employees by putting up a wet floor sign. The last thing you want is any slipping mishaps due to your forgetfulness.

Protect yourself:

Before you can get to scrubbing, you need to protect yourself by putting on gloves and wearing goggles. Gloves help avoid bacteria and heavy-duty cleaning products from coming into direct contact with your skin. Goggles help avoid splash-back from cleaning products or even toilets. Trust us on that one. Toilets can surprisingly become a splash zone in the worst of moments.

Pre-clean your commercial restroom:

Now it’s time to pre-clean your bathroom. We suggest giving your counters, toilets, urinals, and sinks a thorough wipe-through with a damp cloth and some multi-purpose cleaner to remove any dust, stains, or visible dirt. Then, remove any urinal strainers and place them into a container filled with a disinfectant solution.

Clean and disinfect your commercial restroom:

After pre-cleaning, it’s time to use a disinfectant to get rid of invisible bacteria and pathogens. Make sure to carefully read the label of your disinfectant to determine the appropriate dwell time. The dwell time is how long the disinfectant should sit on your surfaces before getting wiped off.

Apply a bowl treatment:

Apply a bowl treatment to the inside of your toilet to get rid of any bacteria and stains. Again, read your product label to keep the product in the toilet for the recommended dwell time. Then, scrub vigorously using a toilet brush. Once you have taken off all the stains, you can flush the toilet and move on to the next one.

Refill commercial restroom items:

Don’t forget to refill your toilet paper, paper towels, and soap as part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine.

Wash the walls:

The walls of commercial bathrooms can become stained and collect buildup. If you see any visible stains, scrub them down using a damp sponge and cleaning solution.

Mop your floors:

To properly clean a commercial bathroom, mop the floor using a flat microfiber mop and a strong disinfectant fit for your floor type. Remember to scrub to get rid of any stickiness or stains.


It’s time for the finishing touch! Polish your metal surfaces or fixtures using a glass cleaner to erase smudges and give your bathroom some extra shine. We hope you can use this checklist as a guide during all your bathroom cleaning sessions! If you find yourself unable to keep up with the daily needs of cleaning a bathroom, our commercial cleaning team can help. A daily bathroom cleaning is crucial to keep your customers and employees satisfied. Instead of putting cleaning on the back burner, schedule us to come in for regular commercial bathroom cleaning sessions by calling us today!

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