How To Prevent Dust Mites In The Office

March 16, 2022
Office Cleaning • Quick Tips

Spring is right around the corner, meaning allergies will be at an all-time high. The office will be filled with stuffy noses and loud sneezes any second now. Therefore, the last thing you and your employees need is a dusty office. If you allow a lot of dust to accumulate inside your office, dust mites can form. These microscopic and allergy-inducing pests thrive inside fabric materials and humid environments. To help your employees who suffer from allergies get through this season, here are our tips for preventing dust mites.

Dust regularly:

We suggest dusting at least once a week to reduce the amount of dust in your office and prevent dust mites from forming. Remember not to overlook areas like fan blades, air vents, window sills, and picture frames.

Limit rugs to prevent dust mites in the office:

Rugs are breeding grounds for dust mites. Therefore, we highly suggest limiting the number of rugs in your office. If you still want to add floor decorations to your office, we recommend making the switch to hypoallergenic rugs. Rugs made of polypropylene won’t attract dust mites.

Reduce humidity:

If you use a humidifier in your office, it may be causing more harm than good. Highly humid areas are breeding grounds for dust mites. Therefore, you may want to replace your humidifier with a dehumidifier. We recommend maintaining the humidity inside your office at 50% or less. You can use a hygrometer to measure this percentage.

Clean curtains:

When it comes time to clean the office, you may be forgetting a crucial part of dust prevention, curtains. Curtains can attract a large amount of dust if they are not cleaned every three months or so. The best and easiest way to clean curtains is by placing them on a gentle cycle under cool water in the washing machine and letting them air dry.  

Air filtration to prevent dust mites:

Dust mite particles can potentially become airborne. Although you can’t clean the air yourself, you can use an air purifier with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to get those dust mites and particles out of the air. We hope these tips help you reduce the number of sneezes you hear around your office. However, we understand that business owners are busy and may not have the spare time to take these preventative efforts to reduce dust. If you need professional assistance limiting dust in your office, call Quick and Clean today! Our cleaning experts have the right tools and knowledge to ensure your office is free of dust this allergy season.

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