How Your Employees and Staff Can Help Make Your Office a Cleaner Environment

September 22, 2020
Office Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning

Okay, Tallahassee businesses. I'm sure you have heard the saying...Teamwork makes the dreamwork—this applies especially to the cleanliness of your workplace. While we highly recommend hiring third party cleaning services, such as our team here at Quick & Clean, to provide commercial cleaning for your business, there are simple housekeeping tasks you and your fellow coworkers can uphold to maintain a consistently clean environment throughout the day. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty, but here are some quick tips for how you and your staff can keep a tidy office for the time being.

Clean and maintain your work area

The "tragedy" of the commons: the concept of a shared-resource system, in which the circumstances are entirely determined by the individual actions of the users involved, mostly dependent on self-interest. In other words, a communal environment is significantly affected by the individuals existing in it, as each person has the power to benefit it or deplete from it. A simple step to ensuring a positive environment for everyone is for each employee to take care of his or her corresponding workspace—this could be a desk, a cubicle, a part of a counter, etc.

Distribute certain monitoring tasks

There should be no hierarchy when it comes to who is responsible for which housekeeping items. Everyone on your team should be held equally accountable for some form of cleaning or tidying around the office. Take some time to list out all of the different tasks that can be distributed to specific people as daily/weekly chores. These can include designating people to specific rooms, devices, equipment, etc.

Clean up after any meal or snack in the breakroom

Food is one of the top sources of bacteria buildup. Leftover crumbs and spills from coffee, snacks, or meals, whether in the breakroom, conference room, or workspace, can linger and even attract bugs. After eating or drinking something, instruct your employees to take a few minutes to wipe down the surfaces and dispose of all leftover materials to avoid unnecessary filth. Not to mention that this could stink up the place!

If a trash or recycle bin is full, take it out

This is a simple task, but frequently a result of the “tragedy of the commons”—AKA expecting someone else to take care of it. If you see a trash can or recycle bin that is filled to the brim, it’s up to you to wrap it up and take it out. If no one initiated this action, the garbage would pile up and overflow, leaving an unsightly image and a source of poor smells and hygiene.

Regularly wipe down

A regular wipe down, which could take up to one minute max, goes a LONG way. Highly-trafficked surfaces such as doorknobs, telephones, refrigerators, printers, and other office equipment generate many germs and bacteria, which could increase the likelihood of spreading illnesses. To avoid a sick staff, take the initiative to wipe down these surfaces on your own whim, and remind others to do so as well. You’re likely typing away at your computer all day, so definitely take the time to clean your keyboard and mouse as well.

Wash your hands

Washing your hands is quite a simple and routine task, but some people need a reminder. Thoroughly scrubbing your hands with antibacterial soap will keep you and everyone around you much healthier. We touch our face far more frequently than we are probably conscious of, so ensuring that we have clean hands at most times is a great way to avoid getting bacteria in our eyes, nose, or mouth.

Regularly declutter

The clutter of large and unnecessary objects and documents can lead to a filthier-feeling office environment. A cluttered space creates cluttered minds. You and your employees can keep a tidy environment by consistently remaining conscious of the surroundings and taking care of belongings. Keep everything in its place and implement organizational tools like drawers and filing cabinets.

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