Moving Your Business? Here is Your Commercial Cleaning Checklist

February 20, 2020
Commercial Cleaning

Need a commercial cleaning checklist to ease up the process of moving your business? The concept of moving is a daunting task to anyone, regardless of how organized you are. On top of keeping track of all of your belongings, ensuring that nothing goes missing or gets left behind, it's essential to maintain order and cleanliness throughout the process. No one wants to move into a dirty workspace— it doesn't precisely pose itself as a fresh start or recipe for success or productivity. Here are some tips and tricks to consider when moving into that new office. These tips will make moving your business a smooth and seamless transition!


Declutter your belongings and personal items before making the big move. There is no sense in dragging along things you no longer need, especially in the workplace, so sort through what is necessary and what is unnecessary to only keep the essentials. An orderly space makes for a tidy mind, and vice versa. Plus, minimalism is the new wave.

Hire a Professional

As mentioned earlier, the process of moving is a daunting task, and there is already so much going on. To ensure that your space is spic and span once you settle in, hire a professional and dependable cleaning service (like Quick & Clean) to take care of some of the excess work for you. Whether the building you are moving into is brand new or been around the block for more than 20 years, a deep cleaning is definitely in your favor. Former tenants could have abandoned their duty of cleaning before moving out. High-quality cleaning services can work diligently to remove allergens, dust, mold, and other pesky substances that can deteriorate the company's health and professionalism.

Temporary Emptiness = Deep Clean

If your new work facility has high ceilings, it is in your best interest to clean up there before your entire team starts occupying the space. This is your opportunity to replace stained ceiling tiles, clean air vents, filters, and ducts, as well as dust fans or beams. If you prolong this chore, it could present some safety concerns, as well as inconvenience. With this same mentality, use the temporary emptiness to clean your office floors. Stains and spots can accumulate all-around from constant foot traffic and movement of furniture, so invest in a hearty stripping, refinishing, scrubbing, recoating, and buffing. You won't be sorry!


A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in a new space. When you feel like your environment is renewed and restored, it reflects through your performance. If a new paint job isn't necessary, at least perform some touch-ups on scuffs or scratches.


Take a walk-through of this new space, and glimpse at minor details like the cleanliness of bathroom fixtures, or if they need to be updated in any form. Take note of potential tiles or grout that need to be cleaned or replaced, and ensure that windows are washed inside and out. The kitchen should be in pristine condition, as the majority of bacteria gather there from food, so be sure to wipe down cabinets and refrigerators entirely.Here you have it! Our quick commercial cleaning checklist when you are getting ready to move your business into an office space.Quick & Clean is a veteran-owned and operated commercial cleaning service, proudly serving the Tallahassee area.

Quick & Clean has experience in lobby cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and more. Expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression. Give us a call at (850) 765-0049 to learn more or to schedule your cleaning services today!

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