New To Q&C Construction Cleaning Services

November 21, 2022
Construction Cleaning

Quick & Clean, Inc. now offers new Construction Cleaning Services for both residential and commercial properties. When new structures are being built, it’s common for debris, dust, and other types of building materials to be left behind. Whether you have a new residential or commercial property, it’s essential to have it professionally cleaned once built in preparation for inhabitants and guests. Read on to learn more about our new construction cleaning services!

Who needs construction cleaning services?

Quick & Clean’s construction cleaning services are perfect for, but not limited to, new commercial offices, multi-story buildings, and/or retail stores. Your clients and customers will be impressed with the clean and polished appearance after our cleaning professionals work their magic. We are also happy to clean new residential buildings and homes. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate!

What does construction cleaning include?

Quick & Clean’s construction cleaning services include many different tasks specific to construction cleanup. Our professionals will remove window labels, vacuum window tracks, and clean windows & sills. They will clean & vacuum cabinets/drawers. They’ll wipe down all surfaces including: doors, bookshelves, baseboards, trim to the molding, countertops, windowsills, tops of doors, fireplace mantles, and staircase rails. Our cleaning professionals can clean showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, bathrooms and kitchen areas. They’re trained in removing stubborn adhesives as well as rinsing & polishing all porcelain surfaces. They will clean windows & mirrors, mop floors, and vacuum out the ductwork with a vacuum hose. The services also include wiping electrical outlet covers, wiping light fixtures & chandeliers, and cleaning or sweeping out garages. The list is customized to your specific needs, and we’ll always pay attention to small details! If you have a brand new building or home, or you’ll have a new one soon, we’re happy to get it cleaned up for you. It may not seem like a necessity to clean a newly constructed building, but the difference it makes is astonishing! Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about our construction cleaning services.

Quick & Clean is a women-owned and operated commercial cleaning service, proudly serving the Tallahassee, Florida area. Quick & Clean has experience in lobby cleaning, bathroom cleaning, COVID Disinfection, and more. Expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression. Give us a call at (850) 765-0049 to learn more or to schedule your cleaning services today!

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