Scary Stats About Hygiene In Office Environment Tallahassee FL

January 6, 2021
Office Cleaning

Heavy research surrounding germs and bacteria throughout this past year demonstrated to experts that offices cultivate a frightening quantity and conglomeration of germs and bacteria. Of course, this raised concern once businesses began sending their employees back into the office to work amongst each other. While many offices have been resuming as normal with all of the right precautions, some are still not aware of how truly germ-infested their places of work are. Therefore they are not disinfecting the offices the right away or the right amount. We don’t mean to scare you with these rather frightening facts, but we believe it is vital to inform you. Here are 6 scary stats about hygiene in your office environment.

  1. A desk carries, on average, upwards of 10 million living bacteria, which is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat and 10 times less hygienic than the average kitchen table.
  2. 80% of common infections like a cold are passed along through touch—if your desk isn’t cleansed continuously and sanitized, you could be picking up countless harmful particles.
  3. One of the biggest threats in an office setting is a photocopier, which on average gets touched approximately 300 times per day. This increases the likelihood of harmful germs and bacteria to be passed on from person to person.
  4. If you never clean your computer keyboard, you might want to reconsider—the average keyboard has about 7,500 bacteria living on it.
  5. It would take one person with a virus only four hours to contaminate 50% of the equipment and employees within their general vicinity.
  6. Only 3% of offices sufficiently clean their equipment.

We hope some of these statistics provide some greater insight into just how dirty and germ-infested your office might be. We understand it may look tidy, but the real dangers are the particles you cannot see with the naked eye. Next time you return to the office, be sure to thoroughly wipe down all of your gadgets and gizmos, and wash your hands often! Hygiene in the office matters and if you would like our help in the Tallahassee, Florida area, give us a call for a quote today!

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