September Is National Cleanup Month How You Can Help

September 19, 2022

Did you know September is National CleanUp Month? Each year, National CleanUp Day, a nonprofit organization, encourages people across America to clean up their surrounding environment. Environmental clean-ups occur throughout the month of September, but the organization dubbed the third Saturday of September as National CleanUp Day. Their main focus is on the negative effects of litter on our environment and encouraging more people to pick up litter. Keep reading to learn more about National CleanUp Month and how you can help!

About National CleanUp Month

National CleanUp Day was created in 2017 with the intent to get more people to pick up litter while understanding the negative effects of littering on our country. They are a volunteer organization that partners with other organizations and communities to clean up green spaces, urban landscapes, and waterways across the US year round, especially in September. Pollution to our environment negatively affects (or will affect) us all across the globe. Each piece of trash removed from the environment positively impacts the local community. There are plenty of easy ways to help clean up!

How You Can Help

National CleanUp Day provides different ways to participate in National CleanUp Month! An easy way to participate is by finding and volunteering for a local clean up. There are clean ups throughout the month of September across thousands of cities. If there isn’t a clean up near you, you’re encouraged to create your own! You can plan your clean up, register on their website, and encourage members of your community to volunteer. Some smaller scale ways to help include picking up litter when you see it, discouraging littering, recycling, and reducing the use of single-use plastic. Any help with cleaning up the environment makes a difference.National CleanUp Day is doing their part for National CleanUp Month by hosting nationwide CleanUp events to better our environment. Making small adjustments, like picking up litter, make a bigger difference to the environment than you may think.  Hiring a cleaning company for your business or organization is another great way to help keep your community clean as our professionals will keep your community clean and litter-free! Contact us today to learn more.

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