Setting Cleaning Resolutions: A Guide to Maintaining a Tidy Office Space All Year

December 14, 2023
Office Cleaning

Ready to make 2024 your tidiest year yet? Life can get busy, and we know having a clean space isn't always a top priority around the office. Did you know a clean space can do wonders for your employees’ mental health? With the new year underway, it is the perfect time to set cleaning resolutions to maintain a tidy office space and peace of mind all year. 

Benefits of a Clean Office Space

A clutter-free working environment promotes calmness and reduces stress levels. Focusing and concentrating on tasks becomes easier when your surroundings are in order. The visual appeal of a tidy space creates an atmosphere that fosters creativity and a sense of control over your surroundings. A clean space promotes productivity, minimizes distractions, and allows you to work more efficiently. The cleanliness of your surroundings also directly impacts your physical health. Dust, allergens, and mold thrive in dirty spaces, leading to potential health issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance can minimize these risks, creating a healthier working environment.

Assessing Your Needs

Before you start cleaning up and organizing, look at how you go about your day. Figure out your routines, work habits, and lifestyle choices. Are there areas in your workspace that always end up a mess? What are the daily habits that cause it? Understanding your habits helps you find the reasons for clutter and develop smart solutions. Locate problem areas to know where to focus your cleaning efforts. It could be a messy desk, a junk drawer, or an overflowing file cabinet. Start there, and then move on to other areas.

Setting Realistic Resolutions 

Big goals can be overwhelming, so it helps to break them down into smaller, more practical steps. Instead of tackling your entire office space, focus on more specific tasks. For instance, dedicate one day to declutter your filing cabinet and another to organize your desk. Realistic resolutions should fit into your schedule. Look at your calendar and be honest about the time you can realistically commit to organizing your space. Set achievable goals that align with the time you have available.

Creating a Cleaning Plan

Outline tasks that need attention every week or day. This could include vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. By incorporating these into your regular schedule, you prevent the buildup of clutter and ensure a clean and inviting environment. In addition to your weekly routines, set aside time for monthly deep cleaning. These cleaning sessions allow you to address areas that may not require daily attention but benefit from a more thorough cleaning.

Example Cleaning Resolutions

Check out these cleaning resolution examples, from daily tidying to monthly deep-cleaning tasks. They're easy to follow, helping you maintain order in your workspace.

  • “I will dedicate 5 minutes at the end of each workday to tidying up my desk, including organizing paperwork, putting away office supplies, and wiping down surfaces.”
  • “Every Friday, I will check the office refrigerator for expired or forgotten items. I will clean spills promptly and encourage colleagues to label their food items with dates.”
  • “Twice a month, I will dust all surfaces in my workspace, including shelves, monitors, and keyboard.” 
  • “On the first Monday of each month, I will power down my computer and clean the keyboard, monitor, and other electronic peripherals using electronic-friendly cleaning tools.”
  • “Every quarter, I will take stock of office supplies, dispose of any expired or damaged items, and create a restocking list for necessary supplies.”
  • “At the beginning of each season, I will set aside a day to deep clean my office space, including vacuuming or mopping the floor, cleaning windows, and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces.”

As you take on 2024, try incorporating some of these example cleaning resolutions into your life. Not only will a cleaner office translate directly into higher productivity levels, but it will help contribute to your business's success all year long. Hiring a cleaning company is a fantastic solution to ensure your office space stays clean. Our comprehensive office cleaning services are the perfect addition to your list of cleaning-related resolutions—contact us today for a free quote!

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