Stay Away From These Ingredients In Cleaning Products

March 20, 2023
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Spring is officially here, making it the perfect time to do some much-needed spring cleaning! Whether you’re giving your home, office, or commercial building a deep clean, consider taking the time to see what’s in your cleaning products. Studies have shown various ingredients in cleaning products to be potentially harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. As a result, many Americans are switching to green cleaning products that are more natural or plant-based. Read on to ensure you stay away from these ingredients in cleaning products!


Although synthetic ammonia is a widespread chemical in cleaning products, it’s extremely toxic and harmful to humans, animals, and the earth. Ammonia is found in window cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectant sprays, and numerous other products. Never mix this with bleach.


It is well-known that formaldehyde is toxic, but research has found the ingredient in cleaning products, including Comet and Pine-Sol. Formaldehyde can cause death if inhaled or ingested, so it’s best to avoid this ingredient.

Glycol Ethers

Ethylene glycol ethers are chemicals found in cleaning products, including glass, carpet, and oven cleaners. Because these chemicals have been tied to reproductive issues, we recommend staying away.

Sulfuric Acid

Cleaning products containing sulfuric or hydrochloric acid should be avoided or handled with extreme care. Toilet bowl cleaners, oven cleaners, and rust removers typically contain these chemicals.

Sodium Hypochlorite

It’s not a stretch to say that plenty of Americans currently have a bottle of bleach in their home. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in bleach and can poison humans and pets. Never mix this with ammonia.

Many companies lack transparency on their product labels, so you’ll want to double-check whether ingredients are safe using a free tool like EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep Database. When shopping for cleaning products, try to stick to products using natural or plant-based ingredients, especially if you have pets or children. Some brands that typically have better-for-you ingredients include Seventh Generation, Method, and Ecover. Always remember not to mix cleaning products. Contact us for more information regarding ingredients in cleaning products!

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