Summer Cleaning Must Dos

June 23, 2022
Quick Tips • Residential Cleaning

The Florida sun is finally out, temperatures are rising, and for some of us, summer break has begun! Before you throw any dinner parties or invite friends or family members to stay at your house, you might want to give your home a deep clean. Dirt, grime, and other germs can accumulate very quickly, so it’s always smart to give your house a seasonal cleanse to keep yourself, other occupants, and visitors comfortable and happy. Here are seven tasks you need to put on your summer cleaning checklist:

Dust & vacuum

Although this is a chore that should be done regularly, especially for a home with pets, it is especially essential once the summer months arrive. Pollen can easily enter your home during this time, so keeping up a dusting/vacuuming schedule for summer cleaning will help avoid issues with allergies.

Clean out vents

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your air vents this summer by dusting them, clearing them out, and replacing the air filter(s) if needed. This will allow chilly air to flow more freely through the vents keeping you cool and comfortable inside your home and away from the heat.

Rotate/flip mattresses

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself sinking into a divot in your mattress from sleeping in the same spot for so long? This is why it’s important to rotate and/or flip your mattress every-so-often. Doing this seasonally will help keep the filling in your mattress evenly distributed and will increase its lifespan.

Clear out gutters

Gutter upkeep is probably one of the least exciting chores to do, but it is very important to prioritize at least twice a year. Clogged gutters can attract pests and lead to water damage outside or inside your home from improper drainage. Clean them out before a potential hurricane hits this summer!

Wash windows

Another task that should be done regularly is window cleaning. Windows can get dirty over time, but we tend to become accustomed to the appearance of them. Giving them a deep clean will allow more sun to shine through your windows. You may be surprised at the difference!

Primp the patio

One of the best things about summer and the beautiful weather is throwing dinner parties at home, firing up the grill, and hanging out with friends and family on the patio. Before you invite people over, power-wash the patio, scrub the grill, and clean any outdoor furniture to impress your guests. Don’t forget the bug spray!

Sanitize garbage cans

This might be the least glamorous of the entire summer cleaning list, but don’t neglect your garbage cans, especially any that stay outdoors. The heat will make your already smelly garbage cans even stinkier. Yuck! Avoid dealing with the stench by giving your garbage cans a deep clean as needed.Before you enjoy all the best things about summer in Florida, make sure to complete these summer cleaning tasks to keep your home looking and smelling good all summer long. Completing a summer cleaning checklist is a good way to prepare for the seasonal changes. For professional cleaning for a business or organization, give Quick & Clean a call today or visit our website.

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