Tenant Turnover

May 6, 2019
Residential Cleaning

4 Key Steps to Hand Over the Keys

Is your commercial property ready for a new tenant? Perhaps the previous occupants are just moving out, or maybe you’ve been trying to find someone to lease it for quite some time now. We have prepared a tenant turnover cleaning checklist regardless of the situation, here are four steps for a better shot at locking down a contract on your property.

1. Give the Outside Some TLC

The outside of the building is the first thing they’ll see. No matter how beautiful the inside of the building is, impressions will be made before they even get out of the car. To secure your tenants on the property, spending some time on the presentation of the building’s outside will take the building the extra mile. Whether that’s pressure washing the sidewalk, trimming hedges, or lathering up a fresh coat of paint, it could be the difference between a signed and unsigned contract.

2. Buff or Polish Your Floors

What’s the difference, anyways? Buffing floors means using a slow-paced machine with rotating pads. This will add shine and remove scuffs, dirt, and other marks. Polishing (otherwise known as burnishing) is a more aggressive and faster approach. It more or less removes the topmost layer of the floor to add shine, and smooth out any uneven sections. Choose whichever suits the needs of your hard-surfaced floors the best. Either way, they’re both going to change the floor for the better.

3. Empty the Trash

When the previous people walked through the property, did they throw their Starbucks in the trash can? If potential customers see trash in the bins, it could create a negative image for your overall property. Worse: if no one empties the trash it could start to smell or eat away at trash bags. This can taint the clean and valuable space that you’ve curated.

4. Get a Professional Clean

Professional cleaners know the ins and outs of keeping a space in tip-top condition. They’re trained in products, methods, and practices. Cleaning companies have all the right tools for the job. They’ll notice the problem areas you might miss, and that will make a huge difference in the presentation of your building. After all, who else would think to clean the ceilings?

If you have anything that might add value to our tenant turnover cleaning checklist, feel free write to us at kristi@quickandcleaninc.com





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