Top 10 Quick DIY Cleaning Hacks

July 22, 2020
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Maintaining a clean space should be a priority for both your physical and mental health. While you should not cut corners or seek any short cuts, as these could risk potentially weak sanitation, it's always nice to know that there are do-it-yourself cleaning hacks out there! Our top 10 quick DIY cleaning hacks can help facilitate the job, cut costs, cut time consumption, and help you avoid products with harsh chemicals. While cleaning is essential, it does not have to be a cookie-cutter process. We can help you get out of the house quicker to take advantage of the things you'd rather be doing!

Here are our top 10 quick DIY cleaning hacks:

  1. Even though we use microwaves daily, we often tend to neglect their sanitation because we assume that placing a dish in there to heat up does not create any grime. Well, that is false. Between the heat, the moisture, and the countless food particles that enter it, it turns out that the microwave is a breeding ground for bacteria. Give your microwave the love it deserves by mixing an equal amount of water and vinegar with a wooden object (to prevent boiling) in a microwave-safe bowl. Set the microwave on high for 5 to 10 minutes, and then once you wait a few minutes for the interior to cool down, simply take a sponge or paper towel and wipe down the walls and plate. For a clean that is fragrant, add lemon to the mix. Good as new!
  2. There are few things more frustrating than a clogged drain—it is your trusted channel to get stuff OUT of your sink. All you need are 1 cup of vinegar, ½ cup of baking soda, and 1 gallon of boiling water. First, pour the baking soda down the drain, then followed by the vinegar, and then cover the drain and wait for about 15 minutes to pass by. Once the time is up, pour the boiling water down the drain, and it will instantly flush the materials down!
  3. Grease stains can be QUITE the pain. Rid them from your carpets or other surfaces by making a solution of four parts rubbing alcohol mixed with one part salt, and combining the mixture into the stain. Once it dries up, simply vacuum remnants of salt if they are left behind.
  4. Cleaning your computer is necessary, as it is used regularly and receives an immense amount of contact. Still, the thought of using chemicals on it is intimidating because of the potential for damage. You should be wary of acetone, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, and methyl chloride. All of which should NOT be applied to your technological devices. Instead, pour white vinegar on a microfiber cloth and scrub the keyboard. Then soak a cotton swab in vinegar and clean around edges that require more care. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your screen, apply gentle circular motions while wiping.
  5. Ironically enough, stainless steel appliances and materials generate a fair amount of stains. To keep that metal finish shining, combine dish soap and water to clean the surface and individual drops of baby oil on a separate cloth for increased shine. Apply a spray of WD-40 across the surfaces and simply wipe with a soft cloth.
  6. We are bringing the garage into the kitchen for this next hack to clean off those stubborn stains on the stovetop. Apply a thin layer of your favorite brand of car wax to the stovetop, and wipe away with a soft rag or paper towel. This hack is incredibly beneficial for longevity and future stains because maintaining a thin layer of wax on the surface will prevent them from latching on.
  7. Kitchen cabinets can accumulate a substantial amount of grime, and two key ingredients will do just the trick. Combine 1 part coconut oil with 2 parts baking soda in a small bowl, and use a cloth or sponge to apply it onto the surface. The bristles of a toothbrush will help you get into the crevices for a thorough clean.
  8. Sponges used at the sink for washing dishes soak up bacteria every day from different foods. These should be cleaned frequently, and fortunately, it is super simple! All you have to do is place it into the microwave for 30 seconds, and the heat will rid it of bacteria.
  9. Clean air is something you obviously want circulating throughout your home. To ensure your air vents' cleanliness, remove the frames from the walls and soak them in a bathtub with soap and water. It's that easy!
  10. Depending on how high your ceilings are, cleaning the boards of your fan can be a burden. Luckily all you need is an old pillowcase attached to a broom to remove dust and dirt from the surfaces, and you're good to go!

We hoped you enjoyed our top 10 quick DIY cleaning hacks. Follow our blog for more cleaning tips and advice!

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