Top 5 Ways To Tidy Up Your Business This Spring

April 15, 2019
Commercial Cleaning

Spring cleaning season is upon us! It’s not just for your house anymore; businesses need that TLC, too. It gives your workspace that lemon-fresh smell, and keeps your business running smoothly. A robust spring cleaning is crucial to the health of your employees and customers, not to mention your business’ reputation. Read on for the top 5 Spring Cleaning tips to tidy up your business.

1. Power wash the Exterior

  • Fire up that heavy-duty machine! Remove dirt and unhealthy germs and manage to put some sparkle in your sidewalk while you’re at it. Getting grime off your building’s outside will be almost as inviting as your employee’s warm smiles inside.

2. Deep Carpets and Hard Flooring

  • Your floors go through a lot every day. Employees and customers bring in everywhere they’ve ever been on the bottom of their shoes. Be sure to mop and sweep up hard surface flooring. Carpets are harder to keep clean, so consider having them regularly steamed by a professional to remove germs and tough stains.

3. Clean or Replace Old Plants

  • Plants keep your office feeling alive and bring the beauty of nature indoors. At the same time, plants need care and attention to keep them healthy and thriving. Any plants that are on their way out may start to smell and look unsightly. The spring is the perfect time to introduce a new, fresher plant into your office space. If you have a green thumb and your plant is still flourishing, be sure to tidy up excess dirt, leaves, and water.

4. Tackle the Breakroom

  • Everyone loves the breakroom, but because everyone loves it, there’s a greater chance of it getting messy and dirty. Be sure that everyone cleans up after themselves to help prevent this from happening. Areas with the most use will likely be the dirtiest (such as the microwave, fridge, sink, tables for eating, and trash area). Focus on cleaning these areas to keep your breakroom sanitary and welcoming for you and your employees.

5. Wash the Ceiling

  • The ceiling is often forgotten in cleaning routines. While technically no one is touching the ceiling (unless you have some very tall guests), it is still very important to include it into your cleaning routine. Consider vacuuming your ceiling to remove dust. If you are able to reach, scrub it down with a microfiber cloth and a good cleaning solution.

Following these 5 tips are sure to help put your business in tip-top shape this spring-cleaning season.

To keep your office or business space clean this spring, keep Quick & Clean in mind! We are a veteran owned and operated commercial cleaning facility that offers janitorial and office cleaning services. As always, we are proud to be your go-to commercial cleaning service provider in the Tallahassee area! Give us a call today at (850)-443-4848 and let us make your space SHINE!

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