Unhygienic Office Habits

May 9, 2022
Office Cleaning

Although we may like to think that our coworkers are hygienic around the office, that is not usually the case. Fair warning, these unhygienic office habits are gross, but it will help you ensure you’re taking proper cleaning measures.

Forgetting to flush:

Flush the toilet after you’re done using it. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget to flush after using the bathroom. Doing so can cause bacteria to build on your toilet bowl. As a result, we suggest cleaning the toilet bowls in your office around three times a week.

Bad aim:

We mean exactly what you’re thinking. Some people just have a bad aim which leaves toilet seats infected and dirty. Therefore, make sure you’re disinfecting the toilet seats multiple times per week.

Leaving food in the fridge:

Is there a container filled with old egg salad and a half-eaten burger inside your fridge that has sat there for a few months? Coworkers can forget about the food inside the work fridge, which can cause it to grow mold and build bacteria. If you’ve had the same food in your fridge for the past few months, it’s time for a deep fridge cleaning.

Eating at a desk:

Although it’s great that some of your coworkers like to multi-task by eating and working at the same time, we strongly suggest encouraging them to eat in a break room instead. This helps keep all those crumbs that will inevitably make a mess from eating in one place in your office.

Going in to work sick:

Some people will go into work sick without alerting those they work with. To combat the spread of germs around your office and reduce the number of absences due to sickness, disinfect high traffic areas as often as possible. If you find yourself in need of professional assistance to keep up with the hygiene needs in your office, we’re here to help. Quick and Clean has a team of well-trained cleaning experts that have the experience to take on any office cleaning job. Call us today to inquire about our services.

Quick & Clean is a women-owned and operated commercial cleaning service, proudly serving the Tallahassee, Florida area. Quick & Clean has experience in lobby cleaning, bathroom cleaning, COVID Disinfection, and more. Expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression. Give us a call at (850) 765-0049 to learn more or to schedule your cleaning services today!

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