Useful Guide to Keep a Clean and Healthy Workplace

December 16, 2019
Office Cleaning

Office cleaning tips are very beneficial as your workplace can say a lot about your business to customers, employees, and visitors. Not only does your interior design play a role in these judgments, but the cleanliness of your workplace can also say a lot more about your business. The cleanliness of your workplace can make or break a new client or recruiting potential employees. When you see a dirty office, chances are visitors will think the office is abandoned or just reckless in their actions and business. To avoid these judgments, here are seven essential office cleaning tips to keep your office healthy and organized.

Office cleaning Guide for a healthy workplace:

1. Keep your public area clean

Visitors and clients first notice the entrance and lobby areas. These areas can be easily overlooked because you are not putting them to use every day, as you usually are in your office working. However, clients may never return if this gives off disorganized energy since that will be the first impression of your company. So make sure you organize any materials in public areas, dust, sweep, and mop daily.

2. Disinfect your bathrooms

The second one on the office cleaning tips would be disinfecting the bathrooms. Not only will cleaning your bathrooms leave a lasting impression on visitors, but it can also save you from serious problems. With employees and guests consistently using the restroom, you must make sure it is clean and disinfected to avoid spreading germs and illnesses to visitors. This can be done by using different types of cleaning products such as Lysol or bleach to clean the floors and appliances.

3. Tidy-up the break room

Although customers are usually not in the break room, it is essential to keep it clean for employees and customers who may walk past by occasionally. This step can be done quite quickly by organizing materials in the break room and wiping off any tables or desks. Once you follow this office cleaning guide, you can surely see the difference between the employee's productivity as well as.

4. Clean electronics regularly

This step is one of the most overlooked methods of cleaning. We use our electronics multiple hours every day and transfer millions of bacteria particles from our hands to our laptops, desktops, and phones. Cleaning your electronics with an electronic disinfecting wipe takes mere minutes. It can stop the spread of bacteria and keep germs away from employees and clients.

5. Organize your paperwork

Nothing makes an office space look more disorganized than piles of paper on a desk. We understand that offices have loads of paperwork from internal business and customer information; however, this can be easily organized into a cabinet or folder system. Although this may be tedious, it can easily open up a workspace and make it look tidier.  

6. Take out the trash

Not only can trash pile up and make the office look dirty and abandoned, but it can also attract bugs to your office. Not just mosquitoes, but larvae and worms can make a home within piles of trash, and after that, you will need to hire a cleaning company or fumigator to get rid of them. Please remember to take out the trash daily, and you can avoid foul smells and bug infestations.

7. The kitchen should be spotless

Kitchens are where your employees eat, and your customers visit if they need a quick drink or snack, so why wouldn’t you want to leave them spotless? The most critical time to keep an area clean is when there are food and eating involved. After all, most of us wouldn’t eat at a place with dirt and dust everywhere, so why should your employees and visitors have to in their own office kitchen?These office cleaning guide may sound like a lot and tend to be time-consuming for daily errands on top of all the work you need to get done at the office. That’s why the best option may be to hire cleaning professionals to get the job done for you. Quick & Clean is a veteran-owned and operated commercial cleaning. Quick & Clean proudly services the Tallahassee area with cleaning expertise that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting and clean impression.

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