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If you own a business or manage the finances of said business, you know that the process of budgeting requires a lot of prioritizing and negotiating, especially when commercial cleaning services are not included in your lease. But allocating money from your budget to guarantee that your space is spic and span is an essential investment, and well worth it. It is possible to budget successfully for commercial cleaning! Cleanliness in the office contributes not only to elevated productivity, efficiency, and well-being but also to more positive relations with visiting clients and elevated confidence when hosting events.

Across the board, several professional organizations will insist that budgeting for commercial cleaning service is anything but an expense but rather an investment that improves your bottom line. When your space is clean, fewer employees are likely to get sick, therefore increasing morale and productivity.

To ensure that you are going to receive the services that cater to your company’s unique needs and procedures, we recommend creating a Request for Proposal (RFP), in which you relay the types of specific services you seek. Get to know your space and its needs and requirements for upkeep, so your cleaning provider can have a firm understanding of what is expected of them—this includes the type of flooring, size of space, frequency of visits, the number of employees, number of floors, etc. If you have access, we recommend harnessing the manufacturing documents for the floor surfaces within your space and providing them to cleaning services you are interested in, as a form of consultation to better budget for commercial cleaning. Your potential service provider should also make a site visit to scope the location in person, just so they know what they are working with. No two patients require the same exact treatment, and neither do work environments. If you do not feel comfortable with budgeting for janitorial services yourself, it is optimal to contact an established cleaning contractor that can break down the different needs your office may have.

There are essential foundational services that are vital for virtually every office that you’ll want to consider. These include restocking bathroom paper products, sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, sweeping, scrubbing and waxing floors, cleaning kitchens and windows, vacuuming

Before agreeing to a cleaning service, do your preliminary research, comparing and contrasting hourly rates for cleaning companies within the Leon County area. You do not want to overpay, but you also want to make sure that you are applying your carefully allocated budget toward a worthy organization and investment. After all, your hope should be that you establish trust with your provider and then become a loyal, regular patron as a result. With recurring scheduled visits comes the possibility for potential discounts, which is an additional incentive for sanitary maintenance.

Budgeting for commercial cleaning services for your business shouldn’t just be a fleeting forethought—it is a necessary investment if you care about the wellness of your company and employees. Hopefully, these tips made the process a little less intimidating when the time comes, and we hope that you’ll put your faith in us to make your business shine!

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