Professional Coronavirus Electrostatic Cleaning services in Tallahassee for your business or organization.

At Quick & Clean, Inc., we strive to seek the most innovative and effective practices and technology to apply to our cleaning repertoire for our clients combating the coronavirus in the Tallahassee area. Each and every day our focus is on quality, customer service, and safety; that’s why you can always trust that we will do a great job so you can focus on yours, and why we’ve recently added electrostatic cleaning to our services: a sanitation method designed to provide maximum coverage on surfaces by spraying large droplets of disinfecting solutions through an electrode-charged air compressor. Electrostatic Disinfection is THE ideal tool to combat COVID-19 and receives the EPA’s seal of approval. You can use this service as a preventative and to kill the germs from a recently exposed location. The treatment spreads a thin layer of solution, generating quick drying time yet maintaining a long-lasting disinfectant application.  

The particles of the disinfectant become electrostatically charged, which prompts them to attract to surfaces with an extremely strong force, and allows them to sanitize those hard-to-reach places around different types of furniture and frequently-touched items—on the front, the sides, the underside, and the backside. This system is paired specifically with Clorox disinfecting solutions.

Our electrostatic cleaning services provide cleaning at professional offices, education facilities, healthcare or medical buildings, and industrial businesses.

Our COVID-19 Disinfection Electrostatic Cleaning does the following:

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds
  • Eliminates odors
  • Passes the efficacy testing according to standard methods
  • Covers up to 18,000 square feet per hour 
  • Sanitizes soft surfaces and hard-to-reach places 
  • Slows the growth of mold and mildew
  • Passes the United States’ EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogen Policy guidelines

We care about you and the unique needs of your company, and we believe that the key to a successful and productive office is through the cleanliness and clarity of its space. We are proud to be the only certified cleaning company in the Tallahassee area to offer Electrostatic Disinfection Services. If interested in our new COVID-19 disinfection cleaning service in Tallahassee, call us and request a quote, so we can help your business shine the way it deserves to.

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Electrostatic Disinfection Services

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