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Floor cleaning and maintenance are absolutely essential but can often be overlooked—think about how much foot traffic accumulates along your business’s floor daily. That wear and tear can take a severe toll on its conditions, but we’ve got some tools to help maintain and clean commercial stone floors because these are a specific breed of flooring that should be cared for accordingly!

1. Vacuum and mop

While this may seem like a simple task, it is imperative to maintain continuous vacuuming and mopping. Stone floors can be easily damaged and scratched from dust and dirt, so they should be continuously expunged of harmful particles. Be sure to use acid and bleach-free neutral cleaners, as these work most effectively. Dust mopping is of the utmost importance—use a clean, untreated, dry dust mop at least three times a day.


2. Identify the stone

Not all stone floors are built from the same materials—there is granite, marble, quartzite, and limestone, to name just a handful. Carefully assess the flooring qualities, such as its finish and texture, to curate a particular maintenance and cleaning routine for your stone floors. 


3. Apply specific cleaners

Be mindful of cleaners that contain little to no acids because these can be very detrimental to your flooring. Acids can damage sealants and wax coatings that should be applied to your floor at the very end. Depending on what kind of floor you have after inspection, we can help you decide what these cleaners are. Neutral cleaners work best; a clean rayon or cotton string mop with cold or warm water and a neutral cleaner or stone soap will work beautifully. Follow its corresponding instructions to ensure that you use the proper amount.


4. A wax finish or an impregnator is key

A wax coating will enhance both the look and the maintained conditions of your stone floor, so it is polished and clean. Depending on the foot traffic and overall exposure to elements, this coating will likely need to be reapplied often. If you find that your floors are faced with spills of any kind, an impregnator can protect the floors as much as possible. 


5. Keep track of restoration

Much like any other central element of furniture, especially one that faces a significant level of foot traffic, your stone floor will need to be restored and honed at some point in time. Depending on how well it is maintained will determine when in time that would need to occur. Through an aggressive restoration process, your stone floor will be deeply cared for to remove deep, seemingly permanent scratches and then to be thoroughly polished. A reputable company should restore your stone floor to good health.


What to Avoid for Stone Floor Maintenance and cleaning:

  • Avoid using cleaners with acids, especially for marble, onyx, travertine, or limestone

  • Avoid vinegar, bleach, or lemon juice

  • Avoid ammonia-based products


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