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In case you didn’t know, May 10th is National Clean Your Room Day, providing us with the perfect excuse to finally do the dreaded chore! We’ve all been there–life gets busy, and in the blink of an eye, our rooms are messier than ever. If you’ve been procrastinating cleaning your room, this is your sign to stop and take care of it. Whether you realize it or not, the cleanliness of the areas you spend time in affects your mood. A cluttered home results in a cluttered mind. Keep reading for some ways to motivate yourself to clean your room! 


Make Your Own Motivation

Everyone knows that cleaning is a chore no one wants to do, so it’s up to you to make it motivating. An easy way to encourage yourself to clean is by setting your own incentives. Maybe you’ve been wanting to redecorate or rearrange your room–take this opportunity to clean and upgrade it. Reward yourself for making progress. Always start in small areas and move to other small areas. Feel free to take breaks, just don’t lose that momentum. Finally, enjoy relaxing in your fresh room. Clean rooms make for clear heads!


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