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It seems like everything becomes ten times dirtier in the summertime! Whether it traces back to an exponentially higher quantity of beach sand being dragged into the house, or the mildew accumulated from excessive rainfall, it might be helpful to adopt a stricter, structured cleaning routine for the summer months. Check out these 7 ways that can make your summer cleaning routine easy! 

1. Formulate a schedule

Tasks seem a little less daunting once you find yourself acclimated to a routine. If your kids are home for the summer, involve your whole family into this routine so everyone can take some responsibility without you needing to take on the entire load. Devote different days of the week to various cleaning tasks—Monday can be dedicated to the bathrooms, Tuesday to the bedrooms, Wednesday to the common areas, and so on! Delegating tasks to other people will also help everyone keep each other accountable.

2. Reduce clutter

It is natural for us to “hoard” things, like new items we bought on sale, mementos we keep for nostalgic reasons, etc. However, these eventually pile up and create unnecessary clutter. This clutter creates not only an eyesore but also more dirt and dust to clean up. Consider doing a big sweep of different things around the house that you don’t need. Frequently, these are old clothes we never wear anymore, random knick-knacks, extra dishes that go unused, and books we will never read. You can choose to donate to a good cause or make some extra cash through a yard sale. There are several benefits at stake here. Not only do you have the mental and physical satisfaction of a decluttered home, but you make someone else happy with a new item. You may have even made money from it.

3. Take out the trash regularly

In previous months, you may have gotten away with letting the trash sit in the kitchen for some time before it really smells ripe or even noticeable. With the dramatic increase in temperature during the summer, this odor becomes potent much quicker. Harnessing this bacteria’s growth in the home can be detrimental to not only one’s peace but also one’s health. Take out your trash as often as possible. Still, you can also sprinkle baking soda down in the bottom of the trash cans, which will absorb unpleasant odors before they waft throughout the house.

4. Dust regularly

The spring and summer seasons produce the most pollen, which can mix with the dust in your home if you tend to leave doors and windows open. With sunnier days and the shine that comes through the windows, it actually causes more dust to accumulate. To avoid grime, and potential allergic reactions, keep up with dusting—it only takes a few minutes. 

5. Take steps to avoid mildew and mold

The warmer, more humid temperatures of the summer can have a significant impact on areas of your home that are already humid—this can include the kitchen and laundry room. When you are not using the washing machine, leave the door open. Having the door open will help the damp interior not grow mold or mildew from the added humidity. Regularly clean and dry out your oven if it becomes moist on the inside.

6. Fight condensation rings

We all know that water ring that forms at the bottom of our cups when we’re enjoying an iced beverage—this ring comes almost immediately when it’s super hot outside. These condensation rings can be damaging to the furniture. If you neglect to use a coaster, there is a simple and slightly odd solution. Apply mayonnaise to the water stain on whatever surface you have, let it sit for about an hour, and then wipe it with a cloth. Don’t ask us how this was discovered—we just trust that it works!

7. Grime be done!

If you or your family members are fond of swimming in the pool and using pool toys, things like floaties and rafts are likely to quickly produce grime. All you have to do is apply vinegar to a paper towel and wipe these toys down, and you are sure to have a safe clean. 


We hope you enjoyed our summer cleaning tips, and of course, ENJOY THE SUMMER! 



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