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As COVID-19 cases continue to slowly but surely decrease, COVID-19 disinfection services have never been more crucial. If we continue to make persistent efforts towards staying safe and cautious, cases will continue to decrease at a much more rapid pace. Quick and Clean is the only Tallahassee-based cleaning company professionally certified to provide electrostatic COVID-19 disinfection services. This unique cleaning method can help your business minimize spread amongst employees, customers and be a part of the solution towards eradicating the virus.

You’re probably wondering what electrostatic technology is and how it works. Let us explain!

Electrostatic cleaning is known as one of the most efficient COVID-19 disinfection methods. The electrostatic technology uses an air compressor to evenly spray surfaces with electrostatically charged disinfectant. This charge sanitizes spaces with a large force that begins working within two minutes and remains active for up to 4 days.

Additionally, this method can disinfect every hard-to-reach crevice and corner of your business with its ability to evenly coat surfaces with its state-of-the-art dispenser and AC-powered system. It is much more efficient than cleaning every spot of your business by hand. This would likely take many hours when our service can easily cover up to 18,000 square feet in just one hour.

Besides the convenience of our COVID-19 electrostatic cleaning service, its efficiency when compared to other conventional forms of disinfecting is unmatched. Traditional dusting and wiping simply aren’t enough to kill lingering bacteria. Rags would need to be carefully washed and changed after every use to avoid bacteria from spreading. Also, it would be a hassle to clean every hard-to-reach area that is usually easily disinfected through electrostatic technology.

We understand that business owners have a responsibility to open back up as lockdowns end and vaccines become more readily available. However, the last thing we want is for you to worry about spreading the virus amongst your clients and employees. To ease your mind and prevent you from tirelessly disinfecting every corner of your business daily, this service is the best option to ensure that you are taking the best steps towards keeping those around you safe.

Continued use of this method is the best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, please keep in mind that your business’s high-traffic areas can become re-contaminated if someone in your business becomes infected. Therefore, we recommend using electrostatic cleaning regularly to ensure it is being used to its fullest potential. Although choosing to use professional COVID-19 services to clean your business may seem like a small step in solving the pandemic, every effort matters as we continue to work collectively to keep one another healthy.

If you’re interested in our COVID-19 disinfection services, give us a call! We want to help you, your employees, and your customers continue to feel safe!



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